Dior Paints the City Pink

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Beauty fans, or more precisely pink beauty fans, have had their craving satisfied in Macau for the last couple of months. Pink City, a collaboration between Dior’s beauty arm and DFS in the Chinese autonomous region, has been a pop-up that has traded at the promenade shops in Galaxy Macau.

And as long as pink has been on the shopping list, this has been the place to be with a standalone shop that encouraged shoppers to check out a florist selling just pink blooms, a café with rose tea (of course) and a ‘library’ where relaxation can be had while test-driving lipsticks and fragrances.

Linking the whole enterprise together by using a single colour may appear somewhat limiting, but given that this is a tone that is at the heart of almost every beauty operation, it might actually appear to be an inspired move. And for those finding it to their taste, all of the product on display could be personalised in the ‘store’.

Sadly, Pink City closed on Sunday, but in its place comes the the DFS x Dior Summer Party, also in Macau, which opened yesterday.