Dior pops up for two years

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Paris’ Champs Elysees has been on an upscale track for a couple of years now with Galeries Lafayette taking up residence in the late spring and many of the big French labels opening beauty stores in place of the mass market offers that used to characterise this grand thoroughfare.

The latest proof of this direction of travel is the arrival of a Dior flagship, except that this is only a temporary phenomenon. This is a multi-level store covering 850 sq m and it is intended to plug the gap while the top-end Avenue Montaigne flagship is given a revamp. As such it will be around for a couple of years, but this does not mean that any compromise appears to have been made as far as the design is concerned.

From the outside the ground floor has what looks like a canopy frozen in the act of being unfurled. Within, this is the familiar mix of an expensive materials palette and merchandise that is displayed in a low-density manner. Of particular note is the spiral staircase whose back wall is a display vehicle for white dresses, currently.

Pop-ups have long since abandoned the idea of being rough and ready pieces of commercial agitprop and this store shows what is possible at the more extreme end of the temporary retailing spectrum.