Discount Fashion doesn’t means Discount Design

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Increasingly, discount fashion stores are as good as many of their loftier rivals when it comes to the matter of creating environments that makes shoppers want to take a look at what’s on offer. Primark is perhaps the leader in this respect with its stores in cities such as Birmingham and Madrid being among the best that are around, while prices are kept determinedly low.

In New York, however, it is Century 21, the lower-Manhattan discount fashion chain that seems to be setting the pace, if the opening of its mid-town pop-up on Herald Square is anything to go by. Here, since the beginning of the month, the retailer has been operating a store that is red on the outside and inside, with even the mannequins being a dark red. This picks up on the Century 21 logo which is, of course, red, but also makes much of the fact that we are just entering the ‘Holiday Season’.

All of which would be interesting in its own right, but worth noting too is the gold and glitter bedecked Instagram room, where it seems probable that shoppers will be taking snaps of themselves.

The store closes on January 11th