Dnanudge Pushes Shoppers towards Health

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Do you know what’s good for you and are you confident that what’s going into your shopping basket is the right thing to keep you in good shape? If the answer to either of these is ‘no’ then perhaps a visit to the newly opened DnaNudge store in London’s Covent Garden might be in order.

Located in one of the area’s busiest shopping streets, this is a ‘shop’, of sorts, where visitors can have their DNA analysed, the result uploaded to an app and then the information linked to a wearable wristband which allows the user to scan supermarket barcodes. Depending on the food products selected and your DNA, the wristband will either display a red or green light and at that point, you know where you stand.

In the shop, cheek swabs are taken and result is ready in about an hour, meaning that a shopping trip can be made and then you’re ready to be healthier. Is this the future of true ‘retail therarpy’? Maybe and for £120, the whole process is not a wallet-voiding experience.