Dolce & Gabbana Gets an Osaka Makeover

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Luxury, like everything else, has its sell-by date and when it comes to stores that fall within the category they are as prone to needing revamps as any other part of retail. More so perhaps, given that most luxury stores are highly designed pieces that aim to promote a brand’s point of view.

With this in mind, the Dolce & Gabbana store in Osaka, which has hardly altered since it opened in the late years of the last decade, has been given a root and branch makeover.

This is a complete remodel and the store has emerged from it as a vision in red marble, pink onyx, pink-tinged flock wallpaper and rugs in the same hue. There can be no mistaking this as anything other than a very expensive proposition and in a hint at the store’s Italian provenance, there is a Baroque-style mirror, which again adds to the sumptuous and lustrous feel of the interior.

The store trades from two floors and the red marble and predominantly glazed fascia mean that the shop stands proud of its neighbours and rivals.