Dolce & Gabbana’s bring Sicily to Bond Street

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Fancy spending £60 on a panettone in a fancy tin? If the answer is yes, and even if it might be no, then a trip to the Dolce & Gabbana flagship on London’s New Bond Street might be a good idea.

The quirky fashion brand has changed the look and feel of its three-floor flagship to create what it claims is the ambiance of a Sicilian market, all intended to mark the season of goodwill. Maybe, but what it does do is provide a festive feast for the eyes with brightly coloured patterns across the walls and floors and a sense of opulence, at a price.

The store in its Christmas garb does in fact restore a sense of wonder and it’s all down to cunning visual merchandising combined with some very fetching patterns across each level. And if you really do want one of those panettones, they come in tins of the kind that the recipient will keep and use for something else, which perhaps begins to justify the price.