Doughnut Time in London

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A swing shaped like a Doughnut and framed by an open-fronted pink box? Three yellow sun loungers with matching umbrellas and side tables? Or a ballpark designed to look like a swimming pool? Where are you? In Doughnut Time, of course.

This is a new interactive store in central London from a small chain of shops selling the eponymous treats. And when it opened this morning, there were queues around the block with everybody seemingly eager to get their hands on what are admittedly quite expensive confections.


This is a brightly coloured piece of retail kitsch and in the somewhat sober surroundings of London’s High Holborn, the home of the UK capital’s legal community, it is eye-catching. It is also symptomatic of the way in which difference coupled with experience does the job as far as getting shoppers through the door is concerned.

All summed up perhaps by the neon sign just inside the entrance which entreats visitors ‘Doughnut kill my vibe’. To judge by the eager first day crowd, this seems unlikely.