Drive Thru Difference from Starbucks in Dubai

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One of the things that makes it worth having a coffee out, rather than at home, is the environment and it is sometimes something that the big chains struggle with as they try to reconcile a modular approach that will make roll-out straightforward with the need to offer something different.

Starbucks has proved pretty adept at varying its appearance, albeit the logo is the same everywhere, depending on where it happens to be setting up shop. Proof of this ability to flex its appearance can be found at a Drive Thru branch that has just opened in Dubai.

This one has coloured lighting tubes that can create a myriad of different effects across its fascia, while within there is a much lighter colour palette, somewhere between fawn and toffee, used to create a warm interior. This is coupled with a bank of green plants, which form the centrepiece of an oval banquette, and a servery that feels both contemporary and slick.

Not everything done by a chain has to look the same.

Pics: Alshaya