DTLA is Vans’ Community Location

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Vans DTLA is shorthand for a skatewear brand that has decided to open a two-floor ‘community’ store in downtown Los Angeles. Vans has in fact opted to welcome shoppers to an 11,500 sq ft store of two parts with the ground floor being an emporium for those in search of appropriate clothing when boarding, including a skateboard shop-in-shop selling merchandise by local producers, while upstairs is Studio 808.

The latter is where the ‘community’ part of the store comes into play. This is a large space and will be part gallery, part workspace and also a forum for events. It will also be staffed by a diverse workforce, picked to help those in the local area who have been ‘underserved’.

This is the first time that Vans has opened a store that has an eye on the community and what has been done in this location fits perfectly with the store’s hinterland and seems likely to be a template for future branches.