Dunhill is Glossy but Subdued in Paris

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Creating concession spaces in a department store is a tough call for the simple reason that the overall environment is a bit like the high street on steroids. The competition is everywhere and ensuring that at the very least your brand gets a chance of being looked at is one of the more demanding things a label has to contend with when opting to enter this kind of arena.

To judge by its new shop-in-shop in the Galeries Lafayette flagship in Paris, Dunhill would appear to know what needs to be done. Its new concession is a thing of bronzed brass and engineered wood, while colours from a digitally distorted artwork by Japanese artist Kenta Cobayashi, displayed on the back wall, have been used for the carpet, which is blue, and a few mid-shop display units, which are yellow.

In total, the space is slick and glossy, but subdued at the same time, making it different from many of its ‘look at me’ neighbours.