Durslade. A Farm Shop?

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When is a farm shop not a farm shop? Originally, the idea that underpinned these kind of stores was a place where locally produced foods were on display with prices being perhaps even at a discount to what you might pay in a supermarket or deli.

Those days are long past and today’s ‘farm shop’ tends to feature an architect-designed sleek building, display fixtures where everything has been constructed, seemingly, from old barrels and a butcher’s counter where pieces of meat with ribs coming out of them catch the eye.

The new Durslade farm shop, in Somerset, is a case in point. Located in the grounds of a gallery owned by international art dealership Hauser & Wirth, which owns this one, this is a structure with a clapboard untreated wood exterior, a high pitched roof within and a lot of preserves. The latter point matters, preserves and pickles last longer than fresh, so it makes sense to stock a farm shop with them.

It’s also expensive, but when confronted with smoked nduja sausage (found everywhere across the Somerset countryside dahling) this is perhaps to be expected.

A new ‘shop’ therefore, but a long way from being a farm shop as it might first have been thought of.