East London Gets More Ozone

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IT workers and freelancers busily engaged in their offices close to London’s Old Street roundabout have long been familiar with Ozone, the coffee roaster and associated café that makes an experience out of creating any number of caffeine-laced drinks.

Now a second branch of the East London landmark has opened, this time in Bethnal Green, a little further to the east, but essentially catering for the same IT and creative crowd that are the hallmarks of the area.

This one is an altogether lighter and brighter affair, being housed in a former warehouse with steel framed windows and a whitewashed interior. And when it comes to furniture for this large space, the bulk of it has been fashioned from sheets of plywood by local consultancy Box 9, which also used the material to cover part of the walls and floor.

There is room for 100 diners/coffee drinkers and in a shift from Old Street, there is also a pizzeria and a bar.
Ozone hails from New Zealand, but it has nailed the East London aesthetic and this is certain to find favour.