Engrain Zero Waste Lives Up to the Term

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‘Zero Waste’ is one of those terms that the green lobby keep trundling out when it comes to food retail currently, yet many stores and shops claiming to follow the principles involved do not stand up to close scrutiny and a fair amount of lip service may be involved.

This could not be said of Engrain, a store in Barnes on the Thames in South-West London. The wooden reclaimed flooring and timber fixturing notwithstanding (all of it sustainable), the thing that will really strike the shopper between the eyes in this one are the dispensers. These contain everything from sweets to pulses and if fancy oils and condiments are sought, these are in reusable bottles on the three-tiered mid-shop fixture. This really is about shoppers bringing their own containers and zero waste is top of mind throughout.

There is nothing fancy about what has been done, yet Engrain somehow manages to appear both attractive and upscale – which is, in general, what Barnes is all about.

Pics: John Ryan