Exhaling Hurt & Inhaling Love with Rachel Wainwright

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Exhale Yoga Retreats is the product of Rachel Wainwright’s passion for spreading love and authentic connections with one’s self and others. Whether teacher training or a yoga retreat, Exhale Yoga Retreats provide an opportunity to cleanse and nurture your heart and soul through yoga in paradise.

Rachel felt a calling to share the positive healing experience she found in yoga so that she could help heal hearts the way hers had been healed. She opened Exhale Studio, “creating a supportive space for people to release their tensions; to connect deeper to their core being.” As Exhale evolved, Rachel struggled to find instructors who taught with true authenticity. This inspired the design of Rachel’s teacher training and the yoga retreats.

“I felt it was essential to do in a one month immersion format for trainees to dive deep into their self-study to discover the essence of yoga and feel encouraged to speak from their hearts. I choose to offer the training in paradise beach locations for trainees to get away from distractions, and for the ocean to cleanse them and the jungle to nurture them.”

“With the completion of the first training, I knew something special was created with love.”

The success of the teacher training and impact it had, led Rachel to offer retreats for non-trainers as well. These retreats are created in an environment centered on making the retreaters feel safe and open. “Exhale Yoga Retreats are created with love, done with integrity and the highest level of teachings.”

But balancing the studio, teaching and planning retreats began to be too much. “Owning a studio began to own me and it became clear that I needed to let go.” Rachel made a tough decision and sold Exhale Studio so that she could focus what she was most passionate about – expanding Exhale Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training.

Looking into the future, Rachel’s wish is to grow at a healthy pace and stay true to the standard of quality and integrity she has set. Rachel is currently working on designing an intuitive movement retreat. “I will guide anyone open to connecting deeper to their soul, follow their intuition, trust their own innate intelligence and tap into their own unique creativity.”

Presently, Exhale Yoga Retreats offer Yoga Retreats that span anywhere between 8 and 14 days in either Bali, Sri Lanka or El Salvador. Yoga Teacher Training are offered in Bali and Sir Lanka and depending on the training can last from 10, 30 or 40 days. Locations are selected after extensive research is done. They are always in paradise away from touristy areas. Rachel is scouting a new location to be the next special spot. “Our places have genuine people and their own culture. They enjoy a slower pace life. They encourage us to ‘do’ less and ‘be’ more, and be happy with what we have.”

Through these retreats, Exhale aims to inspire its tribe to let go of limited beliefs. “We believe those beliefs can only dim their full potential, and we want to help them help themselves re-pattern positive thinking, building up confidence to step into their light in their truest potential has the inspiring power that can shine brightly onto others.”

“The Exhale Tribe is open, trusting and loving.”

Following the values Exhale teaches and yoga as a whole, Rachel shared her thoughts on how trendy athleisure style carries into her life and what she see her tribe wearing. With the retreats being located in the tropics, she says that the Exhale Tribe reflects that atmosphere in their activewear. “The sunshine inspires bright colors and playful prints.” As for Rachel, she revealed that when the trend came into style she played with different colors and styles but as she learned about the harmful impact many of the dyes used can have on the environment, her choices changed to support ethical eco-friendly brands. “With more yoga practice, I have become more conscious of what impact I am having on the environment and how important it is for everyone to stand up for human rights.”

In true Exhale spirit, Rachel’s personal mantra is “I am love”. She strives to embody what love is and live it every day so that she can share it and spread it into her community.

By: Sarah Elaine Rossi