Fairfax Welcomes Bloomies, Not Bloomingdales

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Bloomie’s used to be a diminutive used by those frequenting department store Bloomingdale’s and mainly in reference to the Manhattan flagship.

Since last week, however, those living in Fairfax, Virginia, have had their own Bloomie’s and it is a store in its own right with a logo that uses the shortened form of the name. The reason is simple. Macy’s Inc, the owner of the Bloomingdale’s estate has decided that as part of the reinvention of the brand it will create a small format store and close some of the larger branches.

The outcome is this 22,000 sq ft, single floor outpost, which is by some considerable distance the smallest store that Bloomingdale’s has ever operated (the normal size is around the 150,000 sq ft mark) and the offer is a highly edited version of what those familiar with the brand might expect to see. The ‘Bloomie’s’ private label brand, which used to part of the Bloomingdales proposition, has been reinvented for this branch.

While this looks like a trial, it seems reasonable to expect that there will be more of its kind appearing in the next couple of years.

Pics: Ann Chan Photography