Fashion Branded Ice Cream

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Designer ice cream anybody? It’s one thing to enjoy a frozen lolly or an ice cream, but another to make a fashion statement while doing so. Fashion brand Fendi has made this possible by teaming up with Italian artisan ice cream maker SteccoLecco to open a pop-up in the grand Art Deco surroundings of Milan’s Central Station.

From the outside, anybody familiar with Fendi will recognise the provenance of what they are looking at thanks to the entire box being decorated in the brand’s livery. Within, this is a venue in which those wanting a branded lolly can satisfy their craving as they walk out with a popsicle with a pair of ‘F’s on it.

The ‘store’ was opened to coincide with Milan fashion week and doubtless the fashion crowd flocked, but with that event now behind us, it will remain in place until the middle of next month. Still time to enjoy the upmarket confection of your dreams therefore.