Fashion Clogs for Brooklyn

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The humble clog was, seemingly, for eons a form of low-cost footwear worn by working folk and admired for its utility and durability. Then along came Birkenstock and with some pretty aggressive marketing, the clog became the must-have for the fashion set and for a time, just a few years ago, it looked as if little else mattered if you wanted to be modish.

That period has in fact come, been and to a large extent gone, but Birkenstock remains part of many wardrobes and it continues to open standalone stores in which the faithful can indulge their passion. And the latest to welcome clog lovers, in North America at least, is in the hipster haven that is Williamsburg, Brooklyn. As might be expected of this post-industrial area, the exterior of this one is brick that has been painted grey-black with the brand’s logo stenciled onto the frontage in off-which paint.

Within, this is a modish, single floor space in which cork, white oak and leather are used, reflecting the materials used in the production of a pair of Birkenstocks. This is the third solus store from the brand, joining branches in Manhattan’s SoHo and Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Pictures: Birkenstock