Feel the Foliage at Timberland

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Timberland has been operating an ‘experiential’ pop-up store on New York’s Fifth Avenue since October and it is set to close at some point in the present month.

For those fortunate enough to be spending time in the Big Apple over the next few weeks therefore it is worth heading over to this one, if only to look at the foliage. Owing to the fact that this space has a substantial, glazed frontage, meaning lots of natural daylight, Timberland has opted to turn this store into a very green space.

Practically, this means that around 2,000 plants, all of which are found in New England (Timberland’s spiritual and physical home) have been used to create living walls and to adorn many of the mid-shop fixtures, making this a store feels like an homage to getting out and about in the back woods.

There are also ‘Rain’ and ‘Snow’ selfie rooms, again referencing the brand’s heritage, but it is the plants that win the day overall. Worth noting too is the fact that this is probably rather more about winning hearts, minds and new customers, than it is about selling a pair of rugged boots.