Fendi’s Anniversaire Cafe in Tokyo

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Brands that have cafes are fairly commonplace these days and some of them are pretty good. But few are as rarified as the top-end standalone cafes operated by dedicated operators and found in major cities across the world.

Perhaps for this reason, Italian label Fendi has chosen to pair up, for a limited time, with Anniversaire, the high-profile cafe in Tokyo that has been up and running for more than two decades. In order to do this, the interior and exterior of this cafe has been covered in Fendi’s signature yellow with large elements of Anniversaire’s normal dusty pink being left in place, emphasising the collaborative nature of what has been done.

The outcome is something that looks rather more South of France than the busy environs of Tokyo’s Ometesando district and for those in search of a cappuccino with a pair of Fendi Fs on its top, or F-shaped pasta when eating a main course, this is just the thing.

Fendi has considerable form in this respect. In the summer of 2019, a Fendi cafe operated in Harrods.