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On #FitnessFriday throughout the summer, MiND will be publishing a series of articles focused on active lifestyle brands. These brands represent so much more than a name. Each one promotes a unique lifestyle and is making its mark on its community.

In 2016 the term ‘athleisure’ was added to the unabridged version of the Merriam Webster Dictionary. This trend of functional fashion has been on the rise for some time and today in 2018 this trend is still growing strong. What started as a fashion trend seen on runaways and celebrities, is now an everyday person’s lifestyle.

Correlation doesn’t mean causation and it may be a case of the old chicken or the egg debate, but it’s no coincidence that the ‘boutique gym’ and trendy fitness clubs have been on the rise along with the increased popularity of athleisure. Fast growing active lifestyle brands are selling more than a fitness routine or trendy fashion, they are selling a way of life.

We all know the established players but now it’s about the brands that are all the chatter and gaining cult like followings because they are more than a name but a way of life. From their foundations to their futures, #FitnessFriday shares the inspiring stories behind the brands and the lifestyles they represent.

Project By Sarah Elaine Rossi
Photo Credits: Federica Zanon for CrossFit Crabs