Flagship Bally Haus for London

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Swiss footwear brand Bally more or less when reinvented itself when it launched the Bally Haus store in Milan in 2019. Since that time it has developed the concept and now it has unveiled a flagship branch on London’s Regent Street, representing the best that it has to offer.

Trading from a multi-floor site and with total footprint of 4,300 sq ft, this is a sizable enterprise on a very grand street with a corner site ensuring that its window-lined façade has maximum exposure. Within, marble floors and mid-floor fixtures and fittings made of repurposed plastic waste combine to highlight both a luxury environment and a keen awareness of the importance of sustainability.

Also worth noting is the large LED screen, just inside the entrance, which is used as a platform for Bally campaigns.

Bally offers something new in London’s West End.

Pics: Bally