Flannels Goes for Beauty in Sheffield

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Relatively few retailers are expanding at the moment and those that are are doing so cautiously. Yet if Flannels, the luxury fashion retailer owned by Frasers Group, is anything to go by you would be forgiven for thinking that the very good times are upon us.

The newly opened branch in Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre, is a case in point. This is a 55,000 sq ft shop and it contains the increasingly familiar Flannels mix of brands and shop-in-shops, all backed by an in-your-face Versace-esque fit-out. What sets this one apart, however, is that it has a beauty department, complete with beauty bar at which shoppers can sit and preen.

Like the rest of the store, this is a fairly bling affair, but allowing for the nature of the customer base, it is perfectly on brand. There is actually nothing quite like Flannels on the high street at the moment and on this basis alone, it is probably doing the right thing.

Pictures: Flannels