Flying the Colorful Standard in London

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Until very recently, there were two Colorful Standard stores, one in Zurich, the other in Paris. Now there are three, with the third having opened last month on London’s Regents Street.

This is a brand that sells generally brightly-coloured clothing and perhaps for this reason, the 140 sq m store is relatively neutral in terms of store design. With a coffered concrete ceiling and a suspended sprinkler system in red, there is a whiff of the ‘industrial’ about this whole. Colour, such as it is, has been kept very limited with a store-long open-fronted wardrobe in turquoise and a baby-pink mid-shop table with display shelves.

This is a ‘sustainable’ brand, meaning plants, and large flower pots contain green plants, add another hue to the whole.

In total, the Danish brand has kept the interior minimal, but managed at the same time to create a sense of shoppers treating themselves.

If you can’t make it to Paris or Zurich and happen to be in London, this one’s worth a visit.