Frasers Opens a Wolverhampton ‘Department’ Store

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Department store openings are rarities these days and when they do happen, they tend to be in major international cities. Interesting therefore to see the opening of Frasers, a three-floor ‘lifestyle’ department store in Wolverhampton’s Mander Centre.

This is actually a store of several parts with the lowest level being set aside for Sports Direct, the sports equipment fascia from the Frasers Group. On the floor above this, it’s beauty and womenswear and above this again it’s menswear and ‘home’.

Worth noting is the fact that the designer label fascia Flannels, also owned by Frasers Group, has been given a shop-in-shop space within the 65,000 sq ft store. This is a department store that is in fact rather more than a series of ‘departments’. Instead, it is about taking the various ‘fascias’ owned by the Frasers Group and putting them under a single roof, making this, in effect, almost like a shopping centre in which all of the stores have a single owner.

Prior to becoming Frasers, this one was a branch of mid-market department store Debenhams.

Images: Joas Souza, Photographer