Furniture That is Made, in Soho

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Showrooms, rather than shops, are one way in which big ticket online retailers are dealing with the issue of holding stock in the real world of physical stores. ‘Stores’ of this kind are about giving customers the chance to experience products, but to keep them online when it comes time to pay.

It’s a successful model currently and the latest evidence of this comes from London where online furniture retailer has trebled the size of its Soho showroom, giving its ‘shoppers’, most of whom are millennials, the chance to get down and dirty with Made’s offer and to get a sense of how it might feel if they were to splash out.

This is a retail space that is actually brimful of tech, but apart from the large format screens and the midshop tables with integrated screens, on both of which shopping can be done, this is a shop, it’s just that you can’t take anything home with you.

By its very nature, furniture shopping is a considered purchase and this store makes the matter of reaching a decision relatively simple, providing of course you have the app.