Gentle Monster Hits China

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Korean eyewear company Gentle Monster has opened a new store in Chengdu. Located inside the Taikoo Li shopping mall, the two-storey store is heavily focused on the interior design and architecture with the product for sale being secondary.

The theme of the store is ‘The new Generation, after Tsunami’ where the space features creatures of the land and sea in a post-apocalyptic world. There are different rooms with varying hues that represent the dark and white wash of the ocean.

The main room on the ground floor is a charcoal space with an imposing black spiral staircase. Hanging silver sculptures, which resemble a child’s slinky toy, dangle over charcoal stones and are highlighted by red lights. An abstract steel light structure is located in the opposite corner.

Gentle Monster

In another room, sea anemones are dotted around the room with the fashionable glasses around the perimeter in cabinets and on shelves.

Gentle Monsters continue to make a design statement with each of their store openings. No two stores are the same, confirming that purveyors of eyewear continue to be in the vanguard of good design.


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