Getting the Lululemon ‘Experience’ in the Mall of America

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Canadian yoga and workout retailer Lululemon has opened an ‘experience’ store in Minneapolis. This is actually a relocation in the massive shopping centre that is the Mall of American and at 19,700 sq ft, it is very much bigger than the branch that it replaces.

The ‘experience’ part of the store occupies around a third of the space with most of it being devoted to a fitness studio where mall shoppers are invited to come in and have a yoga lesson. Whether putting a feature of this kind in the middle of a mall where eating and arriving by car are some of the principal components is a hard question to answer. But visitors to the scheme will certainly have many options to choose from as far as clothing is concerned if they do not wish to take part in the store’s group sessions.

The store also boasts café and a Lululemon Lab, a part of the shop where non-yoga clothing that is influenced by the location is on display. Previously, the latter was only available online.