Getting Your Hair Cut at Amazon

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We’ve had books, groceries and assorted general merchandise. Now Amazon adds, well, haircutting to its roster of ‘frictionless’ stores. An Amazon salon has opened (almost, see below) in Spitalfields, East London, and to make the business of getting your hair to look different it has incorporated augmented reality and, of course, a good number of screens.

The AR consists of tech that allows customers to look at themselves with different colours of hairstyles on a mobile device. And as in most salons, there are products for sale and those wishing to purchase them in this salon can find information about what they do on a screen next to the items.

As far as being open to the public is concerned, the Amazon salon is currently being test-driven by the tech giant’s staff. It will be more generally available once this test period has been completed (a few weeks, apparently).

Just as interesting as this one’s arrival is its potential to be coupled with the books and food formats, at which point it could easily be labelled an Amazon Department Store.

Pictures: Amazon