Gilly Hicks Returns as a Standalone Proposition in Columbus

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Back in 2014, clothing group Abercrombie & Fitch closed all of its Gilly Hicks standalone stores, contenting itself with selling the underwear brand via its Hollister fascia. Subsequently, Gilly Hicks stores become, effectively, part of Hollister with semi-discrete stores existing side-by-side of selected Hollister outposts.

Now GH is back as a standalone proposition with the opening of a single ‘new concept’ store in the Easton Town Center mall in Columbus, Ohio.

Unlike previous iterations, this is less obviously divided along gender lines with the stock, rather than signage, being made to do the work as far as separating the sexes is concerned. It is also a spacious affair with good circulation space being part of a proposition that urges shoppers to ‘Find Your Happy Place’. In practice this means a gender-neutral interior where happiness comes in the shape of foundationwear, male and female, and leisure/athleisurewear.

Whether this is the first of many remains to be seen.

Pics: Easton Town Center