Globetrotter’s Berlin Flagship

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German outdoor equipment retailer Globetrotter has opened a flagship in Berlin’s Steglitz district, in the west of the city. At 4,000 sq m, this is not a minor undertaking and the shop trades from multiple floors with everything from a library with comfy chairs and shelves, to an ‘Innovation Lab’ in which the curious can inspect new products in the outdoor action world.

Also worth mentioning is the cafe, which stands in miniature for the ethos of the store: bringing nature indoors and partnering with it. To this end, there is a serving bar whose counter is formed of cut log ends and which has green plants in baskets hanging above it. This may be a standard approach, but the point is well made.

Externally, the fully glazed frontage allows the retailer’s logo to make an impact on passing shoppers, particularly at night.

Globetrotter has taken up residence in a relatively well-heeled part of the German capital and on the basis of what is on offer, it should do well in this location.