Glossier sets up permanent shop in London

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US beauty brand Glossier, which started life online in 2014, has opened its third permanent store (it has had a number of pop-ups along the way, in the US and the UK) and its first beyond its home country, in London.

Located in Covent Garden, this is one of the district’s most handsome buildings, as well as being its oldest and while the exterior is red(dish)brick, the interior is a collection of rooms in the brand’s signature pink.

This is about experience, as much as buying Glossier beauty products, and when a decision about what to purchase is finally made, shoppers can order online via their phones or with the help of one of shop’s in-store ‘editors’ (a member of staff). With the purchase complete, the customers heads for the collection point, where the products arrive in a Glossier gift bag on an overhead conveyor belt.

This is a thing selling beauty, but it is also a thing of beauty

Pics: Glossier