Good From Here’ – The French Answer to Ethical Food

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Knowing where your food comes from and how it was produced is at the heart of the artisan products movement and one of the best instances of what is possible is to be found in Bon d’Ici , a newly opened store on the fringe of the Breton city of Nantes.

This is a converted aircraft hangar and it still, in some ways, feels like one, but in place of machines, there are now market-style displays (in the mid-shop), on wooden fixtures, of fresh produce from around the region. In total, as it starts trading, the output of 110 producers, everything from sausages to vegetables, is on show, being a total of over 1,000 items.

And all of the stock has details of who produced it and where, both central to the ‘food miles’ sustainability push. Just as importantly, this is a quasi organic supermarket that may have a rough and ready feel about it, but which still manages to look good.

More of the same kind of thing is planned.

Images courtesy of Bon d’Ici