Goodbaby takes a break from the norm in Chengdu

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Soft pastels and cuddly toys tend to be the stuff of parent and baby stores the world over, so the opening of a pair of shops that do not follow this line is something of a surprise. The stores are in the south-western Chinese city of Chengdu and what sets them apart, perhaps, is the used that is made of steel, glass and ceiling voids that are relatively dark.

Where the normal line of thinking in this part of retail is to provide an environment in which shoppers can breathe out, relax and take a break from the stresses of being a new parent, while at the same time being happy that the right thing is being done, this is a more hard-edged approach. The stores have rather more in common with fashion retailers than anything else and as such, they are modern and up-to-the-minute.

Whether this would work if all new parent retailers were to follow suit is a moot point, but it’s hard not to admire what has been done in Chengdu.