Gridserve Charges its Retail Offer in Braintree

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Across the world, measures are being put in place that will force road users to buy electric vehicles, rather than those powered by fossil fuels. What is getting rather less press is the number of charging stations that will be required to make this a workable reality.

In the UK, and perhaps in a sign of things to come, the first electric charging forecourt has just opened in Braintree, in Essex, run by Gridserve UK. The point about this kind of venture is that it takes longer to charge an electric vehicle than it does to fill up with diesel or unleaded and with this in mind, the Gridserve building has a mix of retail and hospitality to give customers something to do while they wait.

Branches of Costa Coffee, WHSmith and upscale grocer Booths have opened in-situ stores with the latter being the supermarket’s first venture into southern England. All of them feature a contemporary fit-out and signs in white neon, against a green background, urge customers to ‘Recharge Your Batteries’, as it were.

If this really is what the future may look and feel like, it is somewhat better than the majority of fossil fuel forecourts.