Gu Style Studio Changes the Buying Experience

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There’s a lot to be said for fashion stores. They are the chance to go into a good-looking environment, inspect the ranges, perhaps try a few things on and finally, head for the checkout, leaving the store with your new pride and joy. All of this is true of the newly-opened Gu Style Studio in Tokyo apart from the last bit, nothing in this store is ready to be taken away.

Instead, this 595 sq m space is in fact an outsize fitting room, a place where shoppers can certainly enjoy the fashion, but where checking out means scanning a QR code using the retailer’s app, which then provides purchase links for the deal to be done. Leaving the store, the shopper is safe in the knowledge that the stock is on its way to the address chosen when transacting.

The clever bit about all of this is the selection. Screens embedded into the mirrored pillars around the interior have cameras positioned near them which take a picture of the shopper and then upload this in order that a personal avatar can be viewed and the clothes tried on virtually.

This is the application of existing technology in a different manner and in terms of improving the shopping experience, it really does make a difference. Gu is owned by Fast Retailing, the company that also owns Uniqlo.