Gucci Celebrates a Significant Birthday in Kyoto

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It’s Gucci’s 100th anniversary and to mark the occasion, the Florentine fashion brand has set up an exhibition of its wares, new (the latest ‘Aria’ collection) and old, in a bamboo house in Kyoto.

This is a traditional structure and Gucci’s creative team have been at pains, it would appear, to fit old and new together with a measure of harmony, thanks principally to some dramatic lighting and being sparing about the number of items that form the display. The logic behind Kyoto is that this is a city steeped in traditional and Japanese culture, fulfilling the same role, after a fashion, as Florence does in Italy.

This is a pop-up and to visit a reservation is required. It will be in place until 15th August and as well as being a Gucci showcase, it is also a very good example of a machiya (townhouse) from the Taisho era (1912-1926, apparently).

Pics: Gucci