Gucci’s P.C. Hoofstraat Apartment

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If you want to take bets on the default design for a luxury store at the moment, among the frontrunners will probably be a store that looks like an apartment. From Louis Vuitton to Dior, shops that are meant to remind customers of where they live are now fairly commonplace, except that most of them bear little relation to the sort of places that most people actually spend time in.

The newly opened Gucci flagship on P.C. Hoofstraat in Amsterdam is a case in point. This is a little over 500 sq m of luxury surroundings set over three floors and intended to point towards a Gucci shopper’s home. With patterned wooden floors, molded wood panels around the perimeter and hand-painted graphics, it does seem probable that this in fact is not like your home.

Nonetheless, it is not as high glitz as most might associate with the brand and if you want to get a sense of how upscale living might be if you really had a lot of money, then this is a pretty good place to begin your investigation.

Photos by Ady van de Plas