Gucci’s ‘Traditional Home’

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Seoul’s second Gucci store is in the Korean capital’s Itaewon district and has been dubbed Gucci Gaok which means, apparently, traditional home.

This is a four-storey affair covering 1015 sq m and a lot of the exterior of the store is a multi-storey screen, on which images of trees appear, in a changing variety of colours. If there is something almost ghostly about this, all such notions disappear when the shopper heads indoors.

Here, all is shiny – thanks in large measure to mirrored mosaic tiles. Pride of place goes to a mid-shop spiral staircase that heads up from the ground floor and which is covered in these tiles, complementing both the perimeter and freestanding walls in this part of the store. The fitting rooms have a similar ambiance, allowing those who wish to do so to see multiple images of themselves.

There is in fact little that is domestic, traditional or otherwise, about what has been done in this store, but it is certainly different from nearby rivals.

Pics: Gucci