Harajuku is Lush for bath bombs

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Bath bombs are the product that sets Lush apart and from a standing start in 1989, they have become a global phenomenon. Now the retailer and brand owner has gone back to its roots, sort of, with a store in Tokyo’s fashionable Harajuku district that sells nothing but bath bombs.

There are in fact 89 different types of bath bomb on offer, a reference to the fact that the bath bomb as a product was invented by founder Mo Constantine in 1989. The real point about all of these however is that information about them is available via the Lush Labs app, which can be downloaded and then used to inform the shopper about the products on display in the store, via any mobile device.

Also worth noting is the fact that this store has rather more of the feel of a museum stocking. Any Warhol pictures from the Pop Artist’s heyday, inasmuch as the displays in the store are all the same with the only differentiator being colour.

Lush shows that a good product can be reinvented in-store.