Harmay’s Luxury Spiral in Chengdu

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Imagine a broad, black metal spiral that sweeps from one floor to another and has shelves all around its exterior and interior. That is the solution that has been arrived at by Chinese cosmetic brand Harmay for its new store in Chengdu and what the staircase (for, in effect, that is what this is) does is to join two pretty disparate floors and meld the whole into a single shop.

The 625 sq m shop is housed in what looks like a somewhat retro office building, but within it is nothing of the kind. The ground floor is completely dominated by the spiral which is the display vehicle in its own right. Arriving on the first floor, it’s a matter of freestanding burnished metal walls, a quasi-medical clinic, where advice on beauty is dispensed and a lot of natural daylight.

The latter is in fact common to both floors, thanks to a series of large windows that run the length of this interior.

Chengdu is the capital of the province of Sichuan and is ranked as a destination as far as luxury retail is concerned. This store provides another reason for it being afforded that status.