Harrods Unveils its Chocolate Hall

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Chocolate has always been a commodity in ample supply at the Harrods flagship in Knightsbridge, but now it takes centre stage with the opening of a dedicated Chocolate Hall. The space is in fact the final element in the refurbishment/remodeling of the food halls that are a central part of this massive emporium and if shoppers want to spend a lot more than might be considered sensible solely on chocolate, then this is the place to do it.

As is the case with each of the food halls, this is a Grade II listed space featuring a very ornate tiled perimeter with the midshop pillars having the same treatment. The brown stuff itself is arranged by brand, almost in the same way that a fashion store might be, with names from across the world being given their own space, as well as a substantial quantity of own-brand products.

The £300m store-wide overhaul is ongoing.

Pictures: Harrods