Harrods Unveils its New Design Destination

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Harrods unveils their new Interiors department – designed by Virgile + Partners – where, for the first time, all the home and furniture rooms are on one floor, with a focus on interior design and bespoke customization.

The new department has dedicated rooms for: luxury linens and beds, kitchen and household and luxury accessories, Modern and Contemporary Furniture. With the transformation there is also the launch of Harrods’ new interior design studio: a new elegant room housing a collection of luxury home fragrance brands that will be a new attraction on the new third floor, followed by an art gallery, a number of luxury classic furniture rooms and a new lighting department.


Designed by Virgile + Partners, the new Home department has been conceived and planned to give a more residential feeling, getting customers to imagine the products within their own home. The departments and the circulation flow have been rearranged to guide the customer on a logical journey throughout the floor. Also the lighting has been positioned astutely in order to help customers select fabrics and finishes. The space encourages customers to move from room to room, offering everything from exquisite bedding and textiles to an elegant and rather luxurious kitchen.

The space features elegant finishes such as subtly toned marble flooring and herringbone, chevron and basket weave patterns that are key character features, linking all the rooms and introducing variety along the customer journey from one room to the next. Formed by 25 interconnecting open-plan rooms, the diversity of the retail environments are designed to inspire curiosity and invite the customer to explore, discover, and shop. The store perimeter windows have also been exposed to maximize natural light and create a relaxed, homely atmosphere. The redevelopment incorporates Harrods’ signature style of enabling moments of contemplation and showcasing products and brands.

The concept behind the transformation is to complement the building’s original design and revitalise Harrods’ architectural heritage. To reinforce the sense of luxury, cast plaster cornices and mouldings have been carefully reinstated and historical decorative detailing has been introduced. Structural columns have been remodelled using a variety of bespoke decorative panels to add texture and personality to individual rooms.

Ceilings in all rooms reinstate the listed cornicing details, yet integrating new floating surfaces providing a soft but effective lighting scheme. Marble framing, decorative wall panels and soft lighting gives consistency to the rooms portals, emphasizing the transition points through to the adjacent rooms and punctuating the walkways.