Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Where Less Means More

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It’s fair to say that once a store opens and a lot of money has been invested in it, it tends to stay the same size unless it is going to close. Yet a visit to the newly refurbished Harvey Nichols department store in Hong Kong will show that cash can be ploughed into changing a store and that the outcome can be a much smaller edifice.

The shop in question is in the Pacific Place mall and following a remodelling investment of HK$250m, it is now half the size it was. And the reason for this is that the retailer has decided that a meld of digital and physical is the way forward and that practically this means that a smaller space can hold more inventory, digital and physical.

The store is actually divided into three areas, fashion, watches and jewellery and beauty and for shoppers wish to know more about a specific item, each has a scannable QR code which provides information.

Less, it would appear, can be more.