Harvey Nichols’ Womenswear Floor x Studio Four IV

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Harvey Nichols, luxury retailer, reopened the doors to its womenswear floor at their Knightsbridge Flagship location. After closing the floor four months ago, Studio Four IV created a new concept that creates the feel of a luxury boutique. Open, airy and flooded with natural light, the floor houses brands including Valentino, McQueen, Balenciaga, Louboutin and other up and coming brands.

“The new concept provides a simple, yet elegant framework for the first floor womenswear collections, providing a subtle, contemporary Harvey Nichols canvas, against which each brand has the opportunity to express itself and showcase their ranges.”

Brands are encourage to personalize their space on the floor to emulate the individual personality of the brand. “This creates distinctive gallery-like spaces, that provide a change of pace and give customers something new and intriguing to discover at each and every turn.” In the center of the floor, one can find the collection of new labels curated by Harvey Nichols, while the established brands line the perimeter.

The fitting rooms are as spacious and luxurious as the rest of the floor and are outfitted with comfortable seating, charging points and serviced by Style Advisers. Shoes have their own dedicated space where shiny stainless-steel archways emphasize the entrance to the room and dramatic VM displays provide a playful path for customers. With many brands displayed in the shoe room, there are purposeful design elements used to bring the customer’s focus to specific collections.

“The biggest challenge for us was to remain understated in our design philosophy. Our solution is an aesthetic blank canvas which allows the brands to shine in their own areas. Our design envelope is powerful and light in its simplicity. With such beautiful collections, the product must be king!”
Chris Dewar-Dixon, Co-Founder Studio Four IV