Her: HK fashion and gastronomy

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Depending on which survey you look at, Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay is the most expensive place in the world in which to set up a shop with rental values here being higher than anywhere else, at the moment. This has not stopped a fashion store-cum-café called Her, designed by Valencia-based design consultancy Clap, from opening in the heart of the strip.

The new store has a branded fashion offer, but shoppers are encouraged to take coffee, enjoy a cookie or have an ice-blended coffee (its gets hot at this time of the year). Terracotta tiles, white plinths and stainless steel form the materials and colour palette, which brings together fashion and gastronomy, according to Hiliary Tsui, the Hong Kong-based stylist who opened the store.

Once again, it is hospitality that leads the way as far as retail is concerned. There will, inevitably, come a point when the sector reaches peak in-store café, but that moment appears still to be some way off.