History and Modernity: The Guerlain Store in Paris

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Guerlain has recently opened its latest store in Paris, France. Joseph Abed, Architecture Artistic Director at Maison Guerlain shared some insight with MiND, focusing on the inspiration, design and overall aesthetic of the store.

“When conceiving this shop, the location and its history influenced the design in subtle ways . We had to re-establish the brand as a pillar of the fragrance & beauty world, but also make a statement in this particularly upscale & trendy street. Hence the focus on our perfumes in the 1st part of the shop, and the strong display of the brand’s know-how. The beautiful & iconic “Bee Bottles” are much more visible and highlighted as they are a symbol of the brand’s history, and by extension the history of this location.”

The store’s main focus, as is the brand’s is the emphasis on their proud, rich history juxtaposing this with the relevancy to today’s consumer.

The concept of the store is that of a “Parfumer.” It is roughly 65 sqm and in terms of design, Joseph notes, “In terms of design, the idea is to welcome our customers in a cozy Parisian apartment, with soft and warm colors and materials. Just like an apartment, the shop features unique art (a Vic Muniz photo is on display); A small salon offers a resting area for a more intimate consultation.”