H&M Home Moves Into Central London

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London was the location of a world first from H&M at the end of last year when the Swedish fashion giant opened a standalone H&M Home, a store that does exactly what the name would imply. Located in Westfield London, this one looked like a budget version of the sort of interiors that are found in many other units in that shopping centre and to judge by the number of shoppers heading through its doors, it was an immediate hit.

Today, H&M Home moved into the heart of central London with a new, 7534 sq ft, two-floor standalone store on Regent Street that takes on most of the competitors in London’s West End (and there are a good number) and gives them a real run for their money.

This store is about lifestyle, without room sets with the upper floor having tables set for dinner, among other things, while downstairs it’s the living areas of a house. For the most part, this is ‘soft furnishing’ and domestic accessories, rather than furniture, but the visual merchandising and use of greenery give the store immediate appeal.

Shoppers will want to pay a visit to the florist as well, which looks as good as anything in the area.