House of Genius

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Luxury padded jacket brand Moncler has opened pop-up stores in Tokyo and New York which will be in place until the end of this year. Dubbed the ‘House of Genius’, the blurb says that these are highly interactive environments with one-offs that are specific to the location.

In reality, these are spacious retail environments where the interactivity is likely to be confined to looking at the products and deciding whether you can afford something. It is the visual merchandising that scores with padded jacket-sporting torsos attached to poles that come down from the ceiling to hang just above a landscape prop that looks like a 3D printed version of a hill (in blue) with the contours marked out.

In total, this feels more like a fashion exhibition of the kind that those heading to the V&A or something similar will be familiar with. In fairness, Moncler has a range that it calls ‘Genius’, so the stores’ name is a hint at this. It is also the case that currently when in doubt put the word ‘House’ into your store name and all will be suitably contemporary (think ‘House of Hackney’, and Nike’s ‘House of Innovation’).

The House of Genius will also be appearing in standalone Moncler stores worldwide.