Huawei goes large in Madrid

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Another day, another tech-based store. This time it’s Huawei, the US-banned Chinese tech brand, which has opened its largest store to date, outside its home country, in Madrid.

With two floors and a selling area of 1100 sq m, this is a large store and like others in the sector, it seems to have the aim of offering services, as much as selling hi-tech pieces of equipment. That said, there are the usual wooden mid-shop tables providing homes to glossy laptops, phones and tablets to ensure that this is also a commercial vehicle.

For those seeking an ‘experience’ there is a photographic studio, Huawei phones have multiple cameras on them, and when relaxation is required, there’s a beanbag-filled space on the first floor that means the shopper may be able to escape the hi-tech babble.

There’s a lot to be said for stores that act as destinations and the ‘Espacio Huawei’ will be mirrored later this year when a second branch of the kind opens in Barcelona.