Huawei’s Shenzhen Statement of Intent

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When it comes to phones, mobile devices and retail, Apple rules the roost, or so it might be tempting to imagine on the basis of the coverage of almost every new store that the Californian tech giant opens. Yet just off the blocks, the new ‘global flagship’ from Huawei, in Shenzhen, is not just a thing of beauty, it is also a mark in the sand as far as stealing Apple’s store crown is concerned.

This, of course, is not a shop. Instead, it’s a community space, according to Huawei. And whatever you might make of that part of it, it is a 1,300 sq m, three-floor space, that would be almost impossible to ignore, so intricate and beautifully finished are both the interior and the exterior.

From tiered seating with small tables alongside the usual midshop wooden tables, to an exterior that wouldn’t look out of place as a very fancy Malibu beach house, this is indeed a store and it is one that will have the crowds flocking. Being in Shenzhen also means that it is in Huawei’s hometown, surely a statement of intent as far as this tech brand is concerned.